Water Solutions Technologies


Albaphos - Autoclaves with Indirect Cooling and for Sterilization Processes

Appropriate for full and spray water autoclaves with indirect cooling and for sterilization processes.


Aktiphos / Ferrofos - Corrosion Inhibitors for Open Cooling Systems

Kurita´s broad range of scale and corrosion inhibitors for open cooling systems.


Cetamine - Filming Polyamines for Boiler Water and Steam Treatment

Kurita´s broad range of filming amines for boiler water, steam and closed systems. Cetamine is an innovative and comprehensive technology based on filming polyamines for boiler water and steam treatment. It prevents scale and corrosion in feed water tanks, boilers, steam and condensate systems.


Contraspum - Anti-Foamers for the Reduction of Foam

Kurita´s broad range of anti-foamers for the reduction of foam. We offer silicone based and silicone-free products with low COD contribution.


Ferrocid - Biocides and Disinfectants

Kurita´s broad range of biocides and disinfectants to protect your water systems from biological contamination. Ferrocid: for an effective control of micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi and algae) and macro-organisms (e.g. mussels) in industrial recirculating water systems and membrane filtration units. Oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides are useful against slime forming and many bacteria. These organisms can produce an environment in which serious.


Ferrodor - Water Treatment System for Swimming Pool

Kurita’s broad range of products for the treatment of swimming pool water.


Ferrolin - For Cleaning of the Entire Water System

Kurita´s broad range of cleaning applications: Ferrolin products can be used for the cleaning of the entire water system.


Ferrolix - Boiler Water Treatment System

Kurita´s broad range of special treatment programs designed to protect all types of boilers, even at high pressure.


Ferrosolf - Coke Production Process Optimization

Ferrosolf Sealing agents for charging hole and ascension pipe caps and oven doors which dramatically reduce harmful emissions. Coating agents that increase refractory equipment lifetime and reduce tar / graphite deposition problems. Dust control agents to eliminate dust emissions from coal / mineral storage piles and during conveyor belt transport.


Gilufloc - Flocculation Systems

Kurita´s broad range of flocculation products to clarify make-up water and / or purify wastewater. By treating raw water and enabling its risk-free use the costs for water can be reduced.


HydroBio - Test Kit for the Determination of Biofilm Amount

The HydroBio test kit enables a better control of microbiological growth in water systems; e.g. in cooling water systems, process water (Food and beverage industry, paper industry), in membrane filtration processes.

Integration Method

Integration Method - Drinking Water Systems

Kurita´s patented supporting method for the treatment of drinking water systems in waterworks and municipal water production plants.


Korrodex - Corrosion Inhibitors for Closed and Semi-Closed Cooling Systems

Kurita´s broad range of hardness stabilizers, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants and anti-freeze for closed and semi-closed cooling systems.


Metaqua - Drinking Water Treatment Products Against Scale and Corrosion

Kurita´s broad range of drinking water treatment products to avoid scale formation and corrosion, which leads to a reduction of the heavy metal contents in drinking water.


Osmotech - Membrane Cleaners

Kurita´s broad range of membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors and dispersants, for ultra-filtration, nano-filtration and reverse osmosis.


Siliphos - Hardness Stabilization In Drinking Water Systems

Kurita´s specialty product for hardness stabilization in drinking water systems.


Turbodispin - Stabilizers and Dispersants for Open Cooling Systems

Kurita´s broad range of hardness stabilizers and dispersants for open cooling systems.