Water Lily Company

Water Lily Water Solution and water Treatment Company, Is a distributor of (Kurita Water Industries Ltd) which is a Japanese manufacturer, providing water treatment chemicals and facilities as well as process treatment chemicals. provides customized solutions, chemicals and service for the conditioning of drinking water, industrial water and for the purification of wastewater.

Water Lily has been dedicated to the singular business of Water and Wastewater Treatment for more than nine years, operating under the same management and ownership since its corporate establishment. As an local organization specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and installation of water and wastewater treatment systems.

Water is the most diverse resource we know and it influences many different areas of life. However, it is a sensitive element and cannot be taken for granted. We as WATER LILY COMPANY for Water Solutions use our expertise and decades of experience to take care of water, wherever it is needed for industrial processes or public purposes.


To assist nature re-achieve environmental balance through utilizing natural water and wastewater treatment processes enhanced by innovative technologies implemented through environmentally and socially responsible business practices and The focus is on our application expertise, our experience in developing tailor-made processes for our customers and our comprehensive solutions that go far beyond products, equipment and technology, from the planning stage to the full operating process.


Improving quality of life through innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions.


We pride ourselves in taking on big challenges with confidence, passion and commitment.

As a company, and as individuals

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